We committed to provide the best services in cardiac health care with comprehensive cardiology.


We have combination of skilled orthopedic surgeons and spine specialists who use advanced technology and equipments.

Surgery & Trauma Care

Our Surgery & Trauma Care Center brings the expertise within the hospital to provide comprehensive care for patients.

Pediatrician & NICU

With Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), We offers a complete range of medical services for childrens aged up to 12 years.


We offers best Gynecology Services & comprehensive medical & surgical care with diseases related to the reproductive system.

Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic

The ENT department comprises of skilled ENT specialists who are experts in treating and conducting surgeries of the Ear, Nose and Throat.


Ophthalmology branch deals with the anatomy, physiology & diseases of the eye that needs personalized care by ophthalmic consultants.


Our aim is to offer the highest standards of Urological & Andrological treatment for our patients suffering Urinary Disease.


We aslo provide Ultrasonography service care as well as specialty clinics for the management of more specific care.


The primary focus of consultants is to reach out to the common skin problems faced by the patients.

Counselling Centre

Counselling is a branch of clinical psychology that helps people for mental health difficulties.


Our vision is to provide wide range of physical medicine and rehabilitation services. We have qualified physiotherapists.

Laboratory Service

Laboratory is an important component of any health care center that provide us with clues that help decide on the treatment modality.

Hypertension Care

Treatment for hypertension is a specialized medical service for patients who have elevated blood pressure.

Homeopathy Consultation

Homoeopathic treatment is one of the most safest form of treatment without any side-effects.

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